Disney Pin Collection

Hello and welcome back!

I have quite a bit of Disney merchandise that I’ve collected over the years. Between my sister and I we have number of plushes, ornaments, books, but it is safe to say that the biggest part of our collection are our Disney pins.

It all started when we first went to Disneyland Paris and we saw everybody walking around with lanyards and seeing them trade pins with the cast members. We knew that we had to purchase some and start building up a collection. From then on, we would get more whenever we went back to DLP and whenever I found myself clicking on the Disney Store website. I haven’t purchased any new pins for a while but I do want to share with you the current pins in my collection.





Princess and villain shoes:



Disneyland Paris:


Toy Story:


Mickey and friends:


Random pins:


Tinkerbell and animals:


That’s all of them.

You know I have the same mentality with the pins as I do with my books – even though space for them is lacking, I want more. They currently fill the box they’re living in. There would be more, and I do want more, but the major thing that is temporarily preventing me from adding to the collection is their cost. And there is no way I can get out to DLP at the moment to browse all the stores and trade those I am willing to part with.

Anyway, that is it for this post.

See you next time and have a brazzle dazzle day!


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