Once Upon A Disney Blog Songbook

Hello! Today is the start of the OUADB Songbook. That trip down into the vault to re-discover and fall in love with all the amazing songs that Disney have written over the years. I've loved Disney music ever since I was little and sometimes it is all I want to listen to. My motivations aren't… Continue reading Once Upon A Disney Blog Songbook


TTD – Pluto.

Hello! Welcome back to Through the Decades, the series I started a while ago now, chronicling important aspects of the Walt Disney Studios from its inception all the way up to present day. With the way I'm going about it, it will take me a long time to get to modern-day Disney because I'm still… Continue reading TTD – Pluto.


Fairy Tales and Classics Retellings – Cinderella

Hello! About a month or so ago, I began to cross over my love for Disney and books by focusing on retellings. I started off with the first fairy tale Disney adapted into a feature length film Snow White, and now it is time to hop over to the 1950s and look at Cinderella. Again,… Continue reading Fairy Tales and Classics Retellings – Cinderella