Disney Challenge – Favourite Villain


Here is day 18 of the 31 Day Disney Challenge and this is where I finally divulge on the characters that I don’t talk about that often – the villains.

I’m a bit of an odd one when it comes to villains. I don’t go completely crazy for them like others do and there are only a few that I quite like. I tend to lean more towards the comical villains rather than those that will scare you half to death and so I don’t know if it will come as a surprise when I say that one of my favourites is

Madam Mim from Sword in the Stone.

Image result for madam mim

What I love about her in particular is that she is evil for the sake of it, but she doesn’t quite think things through so ultimately she ends up being thwarted by her own desires.

She’s funny to watch and one of the sparkling gems of such an underrated film!

So, who’s your favourite villain?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!


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