Blog Overhaul

NB – if you see a very similar post on both blogs, don’t be alarmed, you’ve not gone crazy, I’ve just posted it twice just in case it won’t be missed by any followers who only follow the one blog.

Disney Post BorderHello!

If any of you read this blog and A Dreamer’s Library, then you might have seen a post I published earlier detailing some changes that I might be making to my blogging.

Well… I’ve decided to go ahead with it.

This means that I will be amalgamating both Disney and Books into one blog.

As a result, Once Upon A Disney Blog will cease to exist.

I explained a little about why I wanted to amalgamate but my main reasons are that I want to write more personal posts, and for this to not be even more stressful, everything needs to be under one roof. So this means that when the new blog is active it will consist of everything I want to blog about. I’m also hoping that it will be more manageable this way because I have been struggling to equally maintain both OUADB and A Dreamer’s Library.

After this post goes live, I am planning to start the overhaul process.

It might take me a while to get everything sorted but after that, it is business as usual.

Disney Post Border

So it is a goodbye to Once Upon A Disney Blog and hopefully hello to a new, fresh blog that encompasses everything to do with me!

Have a brazzle dazzle day!


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